Riding with NSW PWC and the AJSBA, Here is a short guide on how to get into racing

Entries go up on nswpwc.org.au Tiny Hq Website (in the entry form section) about two weeks before the event is Scheduled.
A link on facebook page also goes up and shared around many groups so make sure you follow our facebook page for updates.

There are many classes on race day but for all new comers they are to start racing with near stock ski’s.(contact us with any questions regards to what modifications can or cant be run)
You will be surprised how much of a challenge racing around a track really is, so its a important stepping stone for everybody’s safety to start with near stock ski’s before moving up through to the faster classes.

On the day, get there nice and early 630-7am, set up your tent then go and with your printed out scrutineering form from this website, take that to one of the people with high a vis vest on and they will come over and check your ski and safety gear before going to sign on at the sign on tent, Also if you can find and or bring a couple of friends with some board shorts? that will come in handy helping hold you ski on the start line.
There are many people on hand to give you a hand. We were all new once and we make sure all new comers feel welcome and know what they got to do, we will help guide you through the day the best we can and we are always happy to answer any questions at all so don’t be shy in asking.
This items below are a basic list that will be checked before racing.

  • Life Jacket\PFD: Correct type for event (AustPFD2/PFD3)
  • Helmet: MX type full face helmet MUST be approved as per AJSBA\IJSBA.
  • PWC RACE CRAFT,PWC Rego No\Sticker\Label: Correct size, number, legible
  • Race Number: Correct number, contrasting base, size
  • Hull -No Sharp Edges\cracks: Underside of ski, sponsons, intake, sides
  • Bow\Tow Loop Attached: securely fixed, appropriate size
  • Hand Grips: Secured/Not going to slide off
  • Handlebar Pad: Fixed to handlebar crossbar
  • No Visible Fuel Leaks: Inside hull, around fuel cap
  • Lanyard Kill Switch Working